Return accommodations for handicapped persons in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Several villages of the Corrèze, mainly situated in the southern part, in the pond of the Dordogne, are particularly remarkable: Collonges-la-Rouge, Curemonte, known for their red stones, Turenne, Argentat. Uzerche, on Vézère, is also famous. Five corréziens villages are classified among the most beautiful villages of France Collonges-la-Rouge, Curemonte, Saint Robert, Ségur-le-Château, Turenne (in December, 2010).

The High Corrèze, around the tray of Millevaches and the massif of Monédières, is less known for its villages than for its peat bogs and its residual moors; whereas the country of Tulle offers a landscape of taken enough valleys, the numerous streams of which establish a very appreciated domain of peach.

A small part of the South of the department is occupied by the north extremity of the Limestone plateaus of Quercy (corrézien Limestone plateau). If find one of the rare abysses of Limousin there - the abyss of Fage - and the famous lake of the Limestone plateau.

His gastronomy feels well the country:


  • Red local wine or rosé, mulched wine, millassous of potato, stuffed ceps, farcidures, tourtous, moilles, chanterelles and truffles(noses) accompany delicious meats st with surface water fish (trouts, pikes, pikeperches).
  • These perfumed desserts: the flaugnarde, the fruit baked in batter.
  • These liqueurs with walnuts, blueberries, raspberry...

Carte correze

Fauteuil roulant


Accommodation for wheelchair users.